1.)  ICW-TELKOMNIKA 2019 – A Success

      On Tuesday-Wednesday (11/19-20) Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD), together with IAES Indonesia Section and Smart Grid Indonesia (PJCI), hosted The 2nd International Conference and Workshop on Telecommunication, Computing, Electrical, Electronics and Control (ICW-TELKOMNIKA 2019). > Held at Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 172 researchers were taking part. They came from many different countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Oman, and Colombia.

      Having “Computational Intelligence Techniques in the Context of Industry 4.0: Present Findings & Future Directions for Living a Better Life” as its theme, this annual conference aimed at giving selected experts occasion to share their latest work.
      The chair Nuryono Satya Widodo said in his welcome speech, “There were 475 papers submitted, but only high quality selected papers are accepted to be presented. Thus, the acceptance rate was 36.4%.”
      In the meantime, the researchers were also provided a workshop on preparing high quality journal articles, which was delivered by Professor Zainal Salam of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The other speakers on the conference were Dr. M. Nadzir Marsono (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia), Prof. Nur Pamudji (Indonesia Solar Association), and Prof. Teddy Mantoro (Sampoerna University). (ffp)
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2.) ICW-TELKOMNIKA 2019 – Reward for Ridha

Ridha Muldina Negara cheerfully expressed her gratitude of achieving the best paper award in ICW-TELKOMNIKA 2019. Her paper was titled Performance Analysis of Multi Services on Container Docker, LXC and LXD.

“I am very happy and proud that my paper is recognized as one of the best,” said the Indonesian researcher.

She admitted that initially her paper just aimed at contributing the related research.

“I didn’t expect much,” she said. “I was interested to join ICW-TELKOMNIKA because the journal is scored Q2, it would be a pride if my paper was accepted.”

“My paper discussed the development of virtualization technology which is currently very popular in the IT industry as it has many advantages such as efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility. Technology on the core network side of telecommunications operators is very important to be developed in order to be able to keep pace with technological developments on the side of software and platforms. Currently containerization technology as an alternative in virtualization continues to develop. The flexibility and effectiveness offered by containerization has now been integrated with Cloud Computing, one of which is the implementation of the Magnum project in Open Stack as one solution for large and scalable cloud. Containers come in many names, among which the most widely adapted by enterprises and the most mentioned are Doker, LXC, and LXD,” said the lectured of Telkom University.

Ridha was also pleased with everything, from the committee, location, to dishes, in the conference.

“The whole conference was satisfying, especially the second day workshop, thanks to the committee members.”

The Similar Comments

Ridha’s satisfaction represented the other participants’. Gerino Mappatao had the same comments about his motivation to attend the event and its execution.

“TELKOMNIKA is a Q2-journal, and the papers submitted to this conference will be published in the journal,” said the Filipino. “I like the coaching in each session, but I like most the workshop on preparing high quality journal article.”

He also gave appreciation to the committee.

“The venue is nice and the food is superb, while the people are warm and welcoming,” he said. (ffp)

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